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Give your home a complete clean.

Have you ever pressure washed your home and wondered why the results were only subpar? The reason is because pressure washing merely removes the surface layer of contaminants responsible for staining and discolouring your home’s siding, deck, patio, walkway, roof, and other exterior surfaces. Once you clear off that top layer, the buildup will persist, and your home won’t look perfectly clean until you decide to pressure wash it again.

Exterior Cleaning Services in Vancouver Island, British Columbia

If you’re ready to get amazing results that make your home become the envy of the neighbourhood, choose exterior cleaning services from our team at Shields Softwash. We’re a soft washing company here in the Vancouver Island, British Columbia area that’s known for the great results we get for homes and exterior surfaces of all types.

With our exterior cleaning services, we can clean everything from your driveway to your roof. And since we use soft washing systems, we’ll clear away the contaminants and buildup responsible for staining and discolouring your home’s surfaces at their source. Not only does this get incredible results for your home, but the results will also last longer than you expect.

We want to give your home a thorough clean from top to bottom, going above and beyond with the quality of our workmanship and the level of customer service we provide. Call us today to schedule exterior cleaning services and have us clean your home’s walkway, driveway, patio, deck, siding, gutters, windows, roof, and more.