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We’re a soft washing company that gets great results.

Safely clean your home’s exterior surfaces and get rid of mildew, algae, and organic stains with the power of soft washing. This cleaning method uses a low-pressure washing technique along with a proprietary solution of surfactants, water, and other cleaners.

Soft Washing in Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Many people get pressure washing and soft washing mixed up, but even though they seem similar, they use different chemicals, pressure, techniques, and equipment. Pressure washing uses more powerful pressure to clear away dirt and debris, while soft washing uses a biodegradable cleaning solution that kills algae, fungus, moss, mildew, and other contaminants at their source.

If you’ve heard about the power of soft washing and want to give it a try, get in touch with us at Shields Softwash. We’re a soft washing company here in the Vancouver Island, British Columbia area known for our great customer service and excellent cleaning solutions.

What surfaces can soft washing clean? Nearly any exterior surface of your home! We can come and clean your walkway, patio, deck, windows, gutters, siding, and roof, clearing away the contaminants and making your surfaces look like new without damaging any of their materials.

Give soft washing a try, and you’ll never go back to traditional exterior cleaning methods. To learn more about why you should soft wash your home, or to schedule your cleaning appointment with our experienced, qualified team, reach out to us today.